Marine Artist“ Recording Todays History ”

As the official Artist to the “Classic Yacht Experience” and the “International Schooner Association” My work specialises in recording for posterity todays “Classic Racing Schooners” and the yachts that inspired them

Since childhood I have had a fascination with Classic Racing Schooners. They have been the inspiration behind my artistic journey. As a self-taught artist I have developed the skills best suited to capture these beautiful yachts. I work in oils, a medium I have found to both suit my personality and best represent both the detail and power of these unique =yachts. My paintings are inspired by my time participating in the various classic yacht regattas around the Mediterranean and by time spent aboard these beautiful yachts kept in such beautiful condition by their owners, Captains and crew.

I was born in Lancashire and worked for 15 years in the Aircraft industry before my love of yachts drew me south to Cowes, the historic home of yachting on the Isle of Wight. Initially Historic schooners from the 1870s and the 1900s where the subject of my work. My paintings where painstakingly recreated from old yachting reports and builders plans. With the rebirth of Schooner Racing in the Mediterranean I now focus on today’s racing schooners and recording the history being made and the histories of the Great Schooners that inspired their building..

The focus of my work centres on light and movement. I hope to show these yachts in all their beauty, power and splendour.